Andrássy 1. Flat

This is the last finished apartment in Andrássy Street 6 Project. The penthouse itself is 170 sqm, with a 72 sqm living room area which is where the Onxy bar was placed. The apartment ischaracterized by its original, modern style. Thanks to its huge windows and its south-eastern location it is extremely bright. The apartment also has a 97 m2 roof terrace with a wonderful view of the Citadella, the Buda Hills and the Basilica.



Andrássy 2. Flat

This apartment is the second completed flat in the Andrássy Street 6 Project. The spacality of the flat are the hugh duble windows(5m tall 2,45m wide) with a gorgeous wiev to the Basilica. The beige and pastel colors makes the apartment warm  and  specially modern. The apartment has a 69  sqm roof terrace, which resulted in a truly livable apartment in the city center.



Andrássy 4. Flat

This apartment is the first completed flat in the Andrássy Street 6 Project. As a corner apartment, the flat has very special spaces. The apartment is 197 sqm of which 83 sqm living room, where  and onyx bar is got place as well. This flat has a really modern style. Thanks to the huge windows and southern –east location the apartment is very light. The apartment has a 57 sqm roof terrace which has wonderful panoramic view of the Citadel, the Buda hills, and the Basilica.