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Style. Elegance. Uniqueness. Comfort. These attributes form the basic pillars of Kenway Property.

We have gathered industry-leading knowledge as a result of our extensive history in interior design and implementation. We guarantee to deliver your ideal interior down to the smallest detail.
One of the basic pillars of our philosophy is to acknowledge that each space is unique and explore the endless possibilities that each layout offers. We ensure our clients' satisfaction with unique, customized, harmonious and exclusive solutions.

At Kenway Property we operate as an independent designer across different specializations in the area of interior design. The solutions brought upon our architects and design engineers are unique and fully personalized in all areas of interior design.
With 13 years of operational experience from consulting to delivering fully finished homes we assure the delivery of your dream plans. Our portfolio includes renovated apartments, private dwellings, detached houses, holiday homes and rental homes.


1024 Budapest, Fény utca 15.
E-mail: kenwaybp@gmail.com Tel: +36 70 222 2122

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