Kenway Property Kft. deals with the full implementation of real estate development projects. Our activities include complex construction and interior design work processes. Our aim is to find the perfect harmony of uniqueness and style.

With 13 years of professional experience behind us, we work together to ensure high quality.  At Kenway Property we operate as an independent designer across different specializations in the area of interior design​. 

Over the years, our team has been joined by architects, designers, interior designers, constructors, carpenters, and various professionals who, with their expertise and expertise, always strive to bring out the best possible solutions from newer to newer homes, taking into account new technologies, trends, ideas and products.

Our emphasis is functionality, keeping in mind the quality, luxury and aesthetics. We ensure  satisfaction with unique, customized, harmonious and exclusive solutions with timeless designs and modern architecture.


We assure exclusive attention to every single detail from planning until the final touches of each project, apartment, house or office. 

We prepare a separate floor plan, electricity, water, furniture and visual design for each apartment, then we follow the construction sites, select the materials, colors, decorative elements, mechanize them, then install them with all the necessary tools.

Interior desing

First step in the planning process is to assess the characteristics of the apartment, stlye and expectations. This is the basis of the concept plan. After the consultation, detailed plan will be prepared, which is suitable for implementation and requesting quotations. We discuss the plans with specialists, check the work phases and the completed elements, ensuring that everything goes according to plan and requirements. Once finished with cladding, electrical installation, painting, wallpapering, and other workflows, the custom-designed and manufactured furniture will also be in place.


We consider it extremely important to personalize the living spaces according to the visions, and our goal is that the style and functionality will be in perfect harmony. The interior can be completed by placing matching textures, which includes the stylish use of colors and materials. We design and select the perfect interior for our clients down to the smallest detail. We design and select the perfect interior down to the smallest detail.